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TO BE TRULY UNDERSTOOD, is among the strongest yearnings of the soul. 

In Jewelry, you have powerful ways to express your most profound emotions, that are impossible to misunderstand, or forget!

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Custom Design, Restoration, and Repair...

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Salt Lake's Best Kept Secret

Here, you will experience the ultimate in service and care.

As you peruse this site, just remember that in every facet of the jewelry world, from designs and appraisals, to maintenance and repair, and everything in between, you will LOVE how you feel

Those who know jewelry, know Jonathan's! 

Come be dazzled by custom designs, restorations, repairs, and a broad selection of glimmering pieces from some of the world's finest Designer lines! 

Feel the peace that comes from knowing you can trust our team to care as much about you, as you do about your precious items.

Discover BOTH - fine quality and great values! Our in-house team delivers three generations of superior artistry and craftsmanship directly to you. We offer repair and restorative services to bring your imagination to reality, restore a treasured item to its original beauty, or upgrade it to your new vision. 

Brad M.