Why Jonathan's

Relationship and Lifetime Quality Warranty

Everyone promises to “treat you right, even after the sale”, but at Jonathan’s, you’ll find a lot of things that truly are out of the ordinary. One of them is our warrany...

Any item you buy from us is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own it. In addition, you can have your items cleaned, polished, and inspected - free of charge, FOREVER! (We highly recommend at least twice/year). It is important to understand, however, that just like cars, clothes, or furniture - jewelry wears out. Each time you come in, we will advise you of any needed repairs or maintenance, and you’ll get 30% off our regular shop rate on needed service, for any pieces you acquired from us.


We also guarantee your relationship! If you purchase any in-stock engagement ring, we will guarantee that the two of you make it to the alter. If you don't, just bring it back and we will give you 100% of the purchase price in in-store credit, so long as the ring/set is not damaged. See - There really is something special about Jonathan’s!

 Flexible/No credit Financing

You’ll find truly extraordinary financing options at Jonathan’s - Including one that requires no credit, and often even bad credit won’t stop you! Come on in and select the design that makes your heart sing! Then let’s make whatever arrangements are necessary to make it yours.

 Lifetime Upgrades

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 Conflict-Free Diamonds

Rest easy! We buy all of our diamonds and other gemstones, from highly reputable and industry vetted sources. You can relax, confident in your knowledge that your purchases have helped support local economies and positive enterprises, not wars and other conflicts. 

 Free Gift Wrapping

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