Joshua Goldberg

Joshua Goldberg
Team member

You’ll LOVE Joshua's British accent, and you'll really appreciate his enthusiasm!

He’s the youngest and the newest member of our team, but jewelry is, quite literally, in his blood. He’s the 3rd generation, and says, “It’s been the family trade for a long time, so it helps me feel more connected.”

Josh has been making his own pieces for quite a while, under the watchful eye of a master goldsmith friend of his, here in town. What he likes most are the gemstones - the way they sparkle. But even more importantly, he loves the way putting on a nice piece of jewelry makes people feel!

“I’m in jewelry because every day I come into work is a career highlight!”

All time favorite movie - Avatar (Vivid images, unique flora & fauna)         

Stranded on a desert island with only one food - PASTA! Any kind of pasta.   

Best thing my parents taught me - Persistence is key

Song that sounds as good the 500th time as it did the first - Tailtzuley pa'amonim (Ahuva Ozeri)  

The activity I hate the most (but I still do it anyway) - Getting up in the morning