Bryan Nock

Bryan Nock

You'll find stunningly beautiful pieces at Jonathan's, and they are all here because of Bryan...

Bryan started out in the Jewelry business, as a sales associate in Arkansas, over 30 years ago. He has worked in both independent and chain stores, at all levels and all over the country. He has truly “been around the block” - several times!

They say that buying is the hardest job in the industry. Even after decades, many pro's still struggle. But Bryan has a gift for buying, that he has honed into an amazing skill. He "has an eye" for the stunningly beautiful - whether it be cutting edge, classic, or even historic. It really is fun to see what he chooses, and he brings new pieces in almost daily from his contacts all over the world. (So if you haven't been in recently, you're missing out!)

Because of these world-wide connections and low overhead, you'll find extreme values on extremely beautiful pieces EVERY DAY!