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When it comes time to go on bended knee and promise forever, you will want a ring that is as unique as the woman you love!

It all begins with a single idea. At Jonathan's, you work directly with the designer, combining your ideas with the latest design technology. After your initial consultation, we use your vision as our inspiration. Here at Jonathan’s we still use the “Lost Wax” method to create your one of a kind piece. We can offer customers a design as individual as the one who wears it. Exclusively yours, exactly the way you want! Usually within 1-2 weeks time!

  • We usually begin the process with a meeting in which we will make hand-sketches and establish our goals and budget.
  • Next, we will artistically craft and shape wax into a replica of your design. We then call you in for review and approval. We will discuss any modifications or changes you would like to make at that point. The beauty of this is you will actually see the product in 3D, what you see is what you will get!
  • Once approved, we use a torch and centrifuge to spin your wax into metal.
  • Lastly we polish, set any necessary stones, engraved and personalized messages wished by the customer and suddenly you now have your one of a kind creation to you!

At every step of the process we encourage the client to express the opinions and be involved in the process. We want each project to reflect the clients own personal style and taste and for each and every client to be absolutely delighted with the final product.

Jonathan’s also offers custom ideas that expand off of our existing inventory. Almost any modifications you can think of, we can do! Come in and customize your jewelry today!