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Custom Design

It all begins with a single idea. At Jonathan's, you work directly with the designer, combining your ideas with the latest design technology. After your initial consultation, we use your vision as our inspiration. Here at Jonathan’s we still use the “Lost Wax” method to create your one of a kind piece. We can offer customers a design as individual as the one who wears it. Exclusively yours, exactly the way you want! Usually within 1-2 weeks time!

In-House Goldsmith

When was the last time you were impressed with the condition and sparkle of your jewelry? One of the pleasant surprises clients receive is the look of their jewelry after we have cleaned and polished it. The brilliance of diamonds and gemstones when cleaned professionally…the high polish luster when platinum and gold have been skillfully polished and rhodium plated when necessary, is truly the only way to make your jewelry look new.


Let us maintain your jewelry's beautiful shine and safety with routine jewelry inspection, maintenance and repair. With regular inspections, your jewelry will stay pristine by alerting you to potential problems that can be fixed before they turn into bigger issues. Depending on what you find, you may be able to repair the problem at home or it may be best to take it into a professional. We always offer FREE Polish and Cleanings!


When funds aren’t readily available, we have options. Jonathan’s Jewelry lets you pay your way.